Revelations Unveiled: Angelica Ross Exposes Alleged Bias and Transphobia in the Company of Emma Roberts

Angelica Ross, celebrated for her remarkable roles in the “American Horror Story” series, has decided to shed light on her distressing encounters with perceived prejudice and transphobia, involving none other than her former colleague, Emma Roberts.

During an Instagram Live session, the talented actress, Angelica Ross, bravely disclosed a troubling episode from her shared working history with Emma Roberts. She recounted an unsettling incident when a third party named John suddenly intervened in their conversation. Ross elaborated, “And then there’s John, interjecting, ‘Alright, ladies, that’s sufficient. Let’s return to our tasks.’ At that moment, Emma turns her gaze toward me and remarks, ‘Do you not mean ‘lady’? I’m staring straight into the camera, flabbergasted, thinking, ‘What on earth did you just utter?'”

Ross admitted that, at the time, she chose silence as her response, fearing that any reaction on her part might inadvertently cast her as the antagonist. She vividly described the sensation of her anger simmering beneath the surface as she attempted to process the implications of Roberts’ statement.

“In the subsequent scenes we performed together, not a word passed between us. She could palpably sense the intensity radiating from me. Occasionally, she’d inquire, ‘Are you alright?’ and my retort would be, ‘Hmmm. Don’t attribute this to me. You’ve been manipulating the mental chessboard with the entire set,” Ross recounted.

Angelica Ross entered the realm of “American Horror Story” during its ninth season, etching her name into history as the first transgender actor to secure two recurring roles within the series. Throughout subsequent seasons, she breathed life into characters such as Donna Chambers and The Chemist.

Furthermore, Ross candidly shared her arduous experience tied to a seven-year “first position” contract with FX, which drastically restricted her ability to engage in external projects without the network’s endorsement. Despite initial assurances of her return for the eleventh season of “AHS,” fate had other plans. This unwarranted delay led to her reluctantly declining an enticing offer from Marvel. Emma Roberts, for her part, has yet to address these serious allegations publicly.

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